Master Grade GUNPLA.

Master Grade (MG) (マスターグレード Masutā Gurēdo?) is a line of 1/100 scale Gunpla kits of the Mobile Suits in the Gundam meta series. The series was first produced in 1995 as part of the Gundam 15th Anniversary project.[1]

Master Grade kits differ from other 1/100 scale Gunpla, with their level of detail, articulation, and proportions being second only to the Perfect Grade line. A majority of MG kits feature a skeletal inner frame with working hydraulics, some also accommodate Gunpla LED Units for light-up gimmicks. To give viewers a perspective of the Mobile Suit's size, many MG kits come with 1/100 scale figurines of the pilots or key characters of their respective series. In addition, some kits include 1/20 scale character figures.