Perfect Grade GUNPLA (Special Order) [Members]

1/60 scale Gunpla kits created by Bandai. The PG line originated with the release of the Perfect Grade Evangelion EVA-01 in 1997. The line was later transferred to the Gundam franchise in 1998 and was exclusive to Gundam until 2017, when Bandai announced the Perfect Grade 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon for the Star Wars franchise. The PG line has significant external and internal details plus light up gimmicks with LEDs. The PGs are some of the most expensive Gunpla produced and have often been used to develop Master Grade and Real Grade technology.

※ Special Orders are available exclusively to Builders Club™ members.
※ Allow up to 72 hours to confirm availability with our supplier in Japan.
※ There is no guarantee on the availability of Special Order products.
          (Orders that can not be secured will be canceled for a full refund.)
※ Deposit Charges are 80% of the total expected cost + Shipping
           (You will be invoiced 2 weeks before delivery for the remaining.)
※ Special Order Products may take 2-4 months for delivery.
                   (Expedite Rates Available at additional charge)

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