Builders Club Benefits (Full Details)

The idea of a "Builders Club" is inspired by the general concept of your typical workers union. We're a group of people with a shared interest (PLAMO) working together to educate and make this shared interest easier, accessible and more affordable. As a company without investors or "Suits" pulling the strings our only obligations are to the members of the Builders Club and as a group that prides itself as a Club "By Builders For Builders" it's our responsibility to make your voices and influence as loud as possible.

• GUNPLA Pricing at 0% Profit [Guaranteed] 
You pay what we pay!
• Exclusive Access to our Pre-Orders
Get your hands on Premium Bandai before anyone else!
• Up to 48% Savings on our entire inventory
With high-volume imports we can reduce the cost by up to 48%
• Voting Rights 
Help decided day to day operational protocols
Help decide things like our shipping policy, Potential website updates (ie. Paid Restock Notification Software?) and more! 
• Vendor \ Seller Trust Rights (P2P Sales & Discord)
To help provide an extra layer of security to the online trade and sales of PLAMO you can rest assured knowing all listings in our P2P Sales channel, Discord or Facebook page are created by friends and fellow Builders Club participants. 
• Waived Restocking fees
Pay nothing for cancelled orders. To curb potential abuse of the program this is limited to a annual maximum of $20 in fees or roughly $500 in sales.
• Waived Handling Fees
Although we do our best to recycle and reclaim packing materials they are not free. These expenses will not be calculated into the cost of our Builders Club catalog.
 • Special Order Anything from Japan.
Want that super cool RX-78-2 Coffee Mug?
We can order just about anything from Japan at no extra cost!
• Access to "Secret" Inventory.
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• Help Choose who we endorse & Which builders we sponsor
You can help choose which of your favorite builders we sponsor and which companies or products we endorse!  


 Locally Owned & Operated in
Cincinnati Ohio, 45215

Membership Includes:

• GUNPLA Pricing at 0% Profit [Guaranteed] 
• Exclusive Access to our P-BANDAI Pre-Orders
• Up to 48% Savings on our entire inventory
• Voting Rights Help decided day to day operational protocols
• Choose our budget & What we buy
• Early Access & Participation in Product Testing
• Membership Regulation Help enforce rule & regulation
• Vendor \ Seller Trust Rights (P2P Sales & Discord)
• Waived Restocking fees*
• Waived Handling Fees
 • Special Order Anything from Japan.
Access to "Secret" Inventory.
Voting Rights