UPDATE 3-24-2020

Message from Founder Lucas

  First off I would like to thank everyone for their support in our efforts to build a stronger PLAMO community. We have grown exponentially and in this past year with the increased involvement in P-Bandai products and large volume imports in general; we're continuing to learn new things every day. I understand some times operations aren't always ideal and I want to assure you that as a builder and collector myself I fully understand many of the hardships we endure simply trying to buy the things that make our shared passion possible. Please know my #1 goal and inspiration for founding the Builders Club is and always to improve the convenience and availability of PLAMO hobby supplies. 

The mandate behind this update is to inform you "John" will no longer be working with us. It is with a heavy heart we must say goodbye as he pursues a career in the medical field doing what he does best; Helping people.

Please understand I personally have been on "light duty" regarding our live chat & email support systems and it may take some time to adjust the workflow. I will be updating our response and delivery times accordingly as I continue to restructure our internal workings.

Thank you again for your support in building a better PLAMO community.

Good luck and happy building! 
- Lucas